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Hitting a Home Run for Hearing!

Each year 12,000 babies in the US are born with hearing loss. A “bionic ear” or cochlear implant (CI) would allow many to join the hearing world. Jacob Landis, a CI recipient, is riding to all 30 baseball stadiums to raise money for those who could benefit from a CI but cannot afford one.

Maryland man will bike to Tropicana Field after nearly 10,000 miles raising money for the deaf http:--www.abcactionnews.com-dpp-news-region_citrus_hernando-maryland-man-will-bike-to-tropicana-field-after-nearly-10000-miles-raising-money-and-awareness. From: Jacobs Ride Views: 32 1 ratings Time: 02:08 More in Nonprofits & Activism [...]
Jacob's visit to the Moog Center From: Jacobs Ride Views: 77 2 ratings Time: 01:03 More in Nonprofits & Activism [...]
Man finishing benefit cross country bike ride A hit and run that seriously injured Jacob Landis in Polk County was not enough to end his mission. Landis, 25, returned to the accident scene Wednesday to c... From: Jacobs Ride Views: 49 0 ratings Time: 02:04 More in Nonprofits & Activism [...]
Jacob Landis returns to Florida to complete Jacob's Ride Part 2 From: Jacobs Ride Views: 21 1 ratings Time: 02:04 More in Nonprofits & Activism [...]
FUEL!We're now in Texas, just made it here. It's been 25 days since leaving Anaheim and that's a pretty long way. Attended the Colorado Rockies game with a lot of wonderful people which was great! Biking up the mountains not so much. Crossed the Continental Divide for the second time. Jack’s dog Beaumont was sprayed by a skunk this but a dog grooming place gave him a free bath. And ate, A LOT when I wasn’t riding.Today was the second time on this trip I've biked in three states in a single day. The first time was the [...]
With Jacob Ride supporters showing my Maryland colors.Seems like a lot has happened since I left California. It took four days to get to Phoenix from Anaheim. It wasn't as hot as we warned. In fact, I was rained on the first day and the second day was very humid, not scorching hot. There was a great river trail out of Anaheim -- the Santa Ana River Trail that took up almost 50% of my first day. We made it just about to Palm Springs. We had problems with the Indian roads and then unpaved roads. We ended up having [...]
With Dr. Niparko beforethe LA portion of the ride.The Dodgers game today was great. Dodger Chris Capuano made a generous donation and said that he would help to get the word out. We also unexpectedly got interviewed by Yahoo Sports. Every time we get coverage it helps the ride get more momentum. Dr. Niparko, the surgeon who implanted my CI, joined us for the 32-mile bike ride in LA! After the Dodgers game, he took my sister Sarah and I out for dinner. It was wonderful spending time with the man who had such a major impact on my life.It's [...]
Echo Park-where cycling really began for me.Just made it to San Diego! But want to back up a few days. After 4 days of more than 100 miles I got to north of LA on Tuesday night. We met with Alyssa (our great PR lady) for dinner which was really nice since she’s been working with us for months and I’d never met her. After dinner, I took the van to Echo Park. Echo Park is a great place which has special meaning for me—it’s the site of my first long bike ride three years ago during a visit to [...]